Just Doesn’t Get Much Better!

Now we are having some nice weather.  70s yesterday, but a bit windy.  We are in the 70s again today and expect 70s through Tuesday.  Slight chance of showers tonight, but the best chance looks like Wednesday.  After that, temperatures will cools down a bit into the upper 50s or low 60s.

The only generation we have seen over the past six days was Friday, when we had the equivalent of two units in the morning which cut back to a low one unit in the late morning and a little blip Saturday night.  Otherwise, no generation.  The projection for Monday is similar to what occurred Friday.  It fished good Friday.

Carolyn on the water Friday with Diana and her friend Bill.  They are from the Independence, MO area.  Started out a little slow in the a.m. but certainly made up for it later in the morning and, basically all day long.  Beautiful weather, very little wind and lots of fish on the big ruby with a size 18 ruby dropper, or stripping the 56er or holographic green crackleback.  We did the full run and caught most of our fish through the Trophy Run area as well as the gravel bar above Fall Creek.  We just figured it was a perfect day…couldn’t get much better!

Talked to several fishers the past two days and several of them were catching on the CQ streamer, ruby midge and the rusty midge.  Also working is a fun pattern that we use for a short period of time in the spring….a rockworm caddis green soft hackle  and a light olive soft hackle.  Both of these work in a size 16.  The caddis green was working best yesterday and the day before.

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