Fun Day On The Water!

Couple of cool days to get out of the way so we can start warming up again.  Yesterday probably made it into the 50s and we should see that again today.  Pretty cool this morning!  Tomorrow will be in the low 60s and back into the 70s for Sunday through Wednesday when we will see chances of rain again.  After the rain, we will probably see mid 50s for a couple days then another warm up. 

Had generation this past Tuesday, but it has been off every day since then.  Off today and the sun is shining! 

My guy from Orvis, Mike, and I went fishing this past Tuesday.  Had a low two generators going in the morning for a while then they cut it back to a low for the rest of the morning into late afternoon.  What a fun day!!  Mike was fishing a sweet little 10′ 3 weight Helios 2 and I was throwing the 5 weight.  Lots of nice rainbows on the size 18 ruby midge dropped under either the lightning bug or the size 16 tungsten beadhead red midge.  Fished well all the way from the area just above Trophy Run, through the Trophy Run area down to the Pointe Island.  Tuesday was exceptionally good on the backside of the Pointe Island.  We then went on down to the drop off of gravel area above Fall Creek where we pulled out more fish and finished up on the bank just above where Fall Creek comes in. 


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