Couple Slow Days, But Back to Great Again!

Cold, wet, and windy are the three words to describe yesterday.  Today is better, but it is still a bit chilly.  Looking for mid 50s and still a chance for rain tomorrow.  Friday is looking up…..upper 60s and mostly sunny, Saturday low 70s and partly cloudy, or partly sunny (I like this one better).  Sunday will be in the mid 60s and chances of (40%) thunderstorms.  Next week looks like upper 60 to low 70s and chances (again, 40-50%) of rain.

No generation the past two days.  Wehad a couple unit going Monday morning, but they turned it off and it has been off ever since.  Prior to that, we had almost three solid days of generation.

Stan on the water last Friday with Stan and Ruth from Illinois.  Great day for these guys on the copper dun and P&P midges, and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  It was a little cool and rainy in the morning, but turned out to be a very nice day after noon. 

This past Saturday and Sunday were both slower than we have been experiencing.  Both mornings started out with rain and the water was running.    Any trips on the water had to work for the fish.  Stan had Walt and his friend, Dick, from Georgia on the water all day Sunday.  They caught fish, mainly on the CQ streamer, and, as I said, they worked for them.  Monday was a whole different day.  Anything you put on  almost caught fish.  The guys had a fun time  fishing soft hackles.  This was their first experience and they thought that was great.  When they got tired of catching on the soft hackles, they went to the CQ streamer again.  Tuesday, in the cold, rainy, windy day, they went out for a couple hours and caught the heck out of them again on these patterns, but it got so miserable, it was a shorten trip.  These guys have fished a lot and a lot of places and were really fun to fish with.

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