Can’t Say Enough!

Water has been off since yesterday morning.  It is still off and scheduled to be off until 2:00 p.m. today when they are projected to start up with one generator for an hour, up to two for five hours, back down to one for an hour then off for the balance of the evening.  Weather beautiful yesterday and should be again today.  We are expecting rain some time this evening into tomorrow. 

I can not begin to tell you how great fishing is right now.  There probably is no one magic fly.   Folks are coming in reporting catching them on lots of patterns.  Of course, the holographic green crackleback, but also dark brown soft hackles, olive filoplume, the size 18 ruby midge with a white marabou tail, the ruby without a tail, black wooly buggers, olive wooly buggers, size 18 gray scuds just to name a few. 

Al – 5/11/10

Darrell had Al from the St. Louis area out for half a day yesterday.  Plum wore him out!  They started out great on the size 18 ruby midge with a white marabou tail but finished up with the olive bug-eyed bugger.  Once Al got the hang of stripping and setting the hook with this setup, he was a mean machine. 

Stan seized the opportunity to spend a few hours on the water yesterday.  It was so good, he called me a little before I closed the shop and said to meet him at the boat ramp and we would fish for a little while.  What a sweetheart!  Fastest I have closed the shop at 5:30.  Think I was at the boat ramp by 5:34!  First fish on by 5:40 and it was a nice fat, beautifully colored 16 inch rainbow!  Great way to end the day.  When the wind wasn’t blowing, the water was silky smooth and you could see circles everywhere from the fish feeding on emergers.  Stan didn’t fish with me very long as he was worn out from catching all afternoon.  Oh well, I was certainly up to fishing for a hour or so.  Doesn’t get any better than it has been for the past few days.  When we left the river, we both with smiles on our faces!

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