Great Fishing and a Perfect Mother’s Day!

Not certin how long it will last, but the generation pattern has been very nice to us the past few days.  Actually had the generators off Thursday from midnight until 1:00 p.m.  Friday it was from midnight until 9:00 a.m. and Saturday from midnight until 11:00 a.m.  The great thing yesterday was that when they turned on the one, it was a nice low one which kept the tailwater level bouncing between 705 and 704 feet.  This is wadeable in certain areas.   However, still take care as they do move it up and down as much as a foot which could cause you trouble if you didn’t realize it had come up and had to walk though a now deeper area to get out.  Weather has been nice except for the WIND.  Still a factor and the past three days had some pretty mean gusts!

Fishing, on the other hand has just been great.  Dana and Carolyn had one of Dana’s regulars, Jeff from here in Missouri, and his brother-in-law Bob and Bob’s son, Ian on the water Friday.  Bob and Ian are new to the sport, so Carolyn took them for some roll casting, mending, and line management sessions.  Ian’s first fist was a nice fat, 16 incher which Ian handled with skill.  Caught that one on the hot pink micro San Juan.  A few tangles here and there, but all in all Bob and Ian had a good day on the Big Ruby, pink San Juan, size 18 Ruby and the holographic green crackleback.  Dana had Jeff on a holographic green cracklebugger (just what it sounds like), the red midge and a peach egg.  

Jeff – 5/7/10

Ian – 5/7/10

Rick and Kristie from the St. Louis area need a fix, so Darrell took them out in the afternoon.  Another good day on the water for the two of them on mainly the red midge.

Yesterday, Dana had Mike and Christy from Oklahoma out for a half day.  Somehow they managed to be color coordinated.  Each one of them had on the same color blue jacket.  Betty and Courtney, in the boat with Carolyn for a half day, decided to call them the "Blue Team"  Blue Team had a good day on the red midge, copper dun and the rusty midge.  "The Betty Team", that was Courtney’s idea since Betty was boating one after another before Courtney could even get one to the boat.  Things evened out before the day was done as Courtney almost caught up.  They had a great day on the Big Ruby, and the size 18 ruby.  Lots of nice fish for everyone.  Rick and Kristie didn’t get enough on Friday so they were out with Jim again for half day.  They pulled some streamers and did some soft hackle, size 16 red butt, as well a red and black midge and had another wonderful day. 

And for Mother’s Day, where else would two fly fishing mothers be enjoying themselves the most?  On the water catching fish!  Both had been attending the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishers meeting held at Stockton Lake.  On their way home, via a little detour, they spent a few hours on Taneycomo enjoying the day and fishing.  Gina hooked up with a nice 20 inch rainbow stripping an olive wooly bugger.  She decided this was a great finish to her day so she her gave the fly to Valley who finished up her day with a nice 18 inch rainbow on the same wooly bugger!  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom Gina – 20" Rainbow

Mom Valley – 18" Rainbow



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