What a Difference a Day Makes!

Wow!  With the rainfall we received Friday, guess what happened to Table Rock Lake!  Thursday, the water was off until 11:00 a.m.  Started it up with a couple generators and the sky dumped on Friday, so they have been running 24/7 since then.  By Saturday, they had four generators going and they will probably continue with this pattern for at least a couple weeks.  May back down a little, as they are running maximum right now.  Forecast is for some more rain starting tomorrow afternoon and into Thursday.  Hopefully, Friday and the weekend will be dry.  There is a 40% chance of showers on Friday and the weekend is looking like a ray of sunshine may come through

Trip booked for Monday got rained out.  Did get a couple guys on the water today for half day with JIm.  Glenn and Mark from Louisiana, wanted to go out and try their hand a fly fishing for trout.  Both are new to the sport, but did get some fish to the boat on the red midge and a standard pink San Juan worm.  Despite the high water, they had a good and fun day.  They might even try it again!


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