Up, Up and Away!

Had some rain last weekend, and as we were driving to Springfield early Monday morning, noticed that all the streams, many of which run into Table Rock Lake, were up and running.  Combined with dropping Beaver, we are now seeing four generators 24/7.  Beaver is now down to 1123.8 feet (power pool is 1120.0).  It has dropped three feet in one week.  Unfortunately, we do have some weather in the forecast.  We’ll just have to see what materializes.  If the forecast is correct, we could have several inches of white stuff, mixed with icy stuff starting late tonight, through tomorrow and possibly into Friday.  To be continued….

Trip out Sunday, at least a short half day trip.  Jim has had Ted and Janis from Oklahoma out a couple of time.  They brought their son and daughter-in-law this time so they could give it a try.  Bryan and Hanna were with Stan and Ted and Janice with Jim.  Stan said Bryan was casting pretty good by the time they got about half way through the trip.  Both boated some fish on the cerise San Juan worm, and Hanna enjoyed the hot soup about as much as any thing!  It was a little breezy, overcast and only in the 30s, so it got a bit cool which prompted everyone to think "off the river early".  Jim’s boat, only Ted was fishing as Janis had a broken wrist, was catching fish on the red midge with the pink San Juan worm. 

Based on where you were in the river Saturday, fishing was pretty good.  One of the guys who came into the shop Sunday said he had had a great day standing in the water (only running two generators this day) below outlet three.  He was throwing the size 6 or 8 bug-eyed bugger. 

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