Another Pretty Rainbow

Table Rock continues to generate 24/7 and they are dumping Beaver Lake.  So, we will probably see this trend continue, at least until gets close to or reaches their power pool of 1120 feet.  Table Rock has gone up to just above 913 feet, but it is still below power pool and, although they are running Beaver full board, Table Rock is only running two generators most of the time with tailwater levels ranging from 704 to 705 plus most of the time.  Cooler weather is in store for the coming week, so maybe by the time the weather gets more agreeable, so will the water flow!

Lots of folks out fishing this past few days.  Everyone has been doing well and some very good, depending on there they were in the river.  In the Hatchery area, those fishing across from the Hatchery, behind and on the front side of the island have been doing very well.  Thursday was especially good near the edges with the burgundy holoshimmer midge in an 18.  Some of the guys out yesterday did well with the pink San Juan worm or stripping a black wooly bugger.  Today was a little slower for some, but again, the area by the island was fishing well.

 Below is a picture of a beautiful rainbow Mike, from Jefferson City, caught on, as he put it "He was hungry for Mexican food, san-juan worm."  He caught this up in the Hatchery area and he meaasured 21 inches.  Good job! 



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