Good Fishing…Good Weather

So far, we have had some pretty nice weather since last Thursday.   Most days have been in the 40s and 50s.  Today was very nice, especially with the sun out.  Generation is still 2 to 3 generaors 24/7.  Since they started dumping Beaver, we came up a 10th of a foot today, but are still well under the power pool level.    Beaver came down 3/10ths of a foot.  We will just have to see what happens over the next few days. 

Jim had Mark from Kansas on the water Saturday.  They spent a full day catching fish on the size 16 red midge with the pink San Juan worm dropper.  Also used a size 18 black midge, and of course, Jim had him doing some streamer work with the bug-eyed bugger.

I took to the water yesterday just because I needed a fix!  Had a wonderful day.  A couple different kayaks on the water fishing and this was just about it except for one other guide.  Checked to make certain the regular patterns, red midge and pink worms were working, and they were.  Changed out my gear and started stripping the natural pine squirrel scuplin off the back edges of Lookout Island.  Caught several fish on this until one hit it and kept on going.  That was my only pine squirrel (bad planning), so I tried a couple other patterns.  The black wooly bugger caught 4 or 5, but didn’t fish as well as the sculpin.  Only had a little time to fish since I didn’t get on the water until 1:30, so I rolled it up and headed in.  All in all, it was a great day. 

Darrell and friends, Duffy and Jim went out for a fun day and had a very good day.  They caught lots of fish on midges, San Juan worms and a sculpin olive pine squirrel sculpin.  Perfect day with good temperatures, very little wind and he said they only saw one other person who was in a kayak on the water. 

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