Good Day on the Water

Temperatures continue to be more normal.  Projections for the next few days indicate today will be the coolest, in the 40s, for the next five days.  Even looks like we might get near or in the 60s by next weekend.  Could not bring up the generation projection for this weekend….it is unavailable, at least at the site I normally go to.  However, looking at the actual generation pattern this morning, looks like they are continuing the pattern we have experienced for the past week or so.  Probably a low two generators, maybe a high one, with levels in the 703 plus range up to 705.  Table Rock now site at 711.9, well below power pool.

Jim was out yesterday with one of his regulars, Bud, from the Kansas City area.  Bud brought along a friend to introduce him to the wonderful world of fly fishing.  They all had a very good day on the water.  Jim worked Bud on streamer fishing while he was working with Welby on nymph and midge-style techniques and line work.  They did well on a black bug-eyed bugger, a size 18 midge emerger and the red midge.  Meanwhile, Stan had Doc and a friend he brought to introduce to fly fishing, Les.  This is Doc’s 77th birthday and 11th year fishing with Stan.   Les got a little casting instruction before he hit the water which let him hit the water a little more "tangle free".  They had a great day on the red midge and cerise San Juan worm (thank you Bill Hunt). 

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