Feels Like Spring Has Sprung

With the extremely cold weather we experienced since the snow…..single digits and below!….the generation schedule has been non-stop with the tailwater level at times in the 707 to 708 foot range.  Yesterday, we had temperatures in the low 40s.  It is now in the mid 30s and we expect 40s tomorrow and 50s by the weekend.  What a relief to be back to more normal temperatures.  Most of the snow is melted where the sun had been shining.  The shady areas are still scattered with white.   Earlier today they had four generators going with a level at 707.8 feet.  We are now running two generators at a level of 704.1.  This puts the water about 2 1/2 feet above our normal wading level.  Let’s hope that with the weather warming up a bit we might not see as much generation over the weekend.  We are well below power pool so the primary generation has probably been for power to keep everyone warm.

Talked to one of our biologist at the Hatchery yesterday about the numbers of male Rainbows we have been catching which appear to be spawning.   Think we decided these were "Johnny come latelies" from the Fall spawn.  As I mentioned last week, we have been catching lots of fully colored males in spawn and a few females dropping eggs.  One of our customers came in yesterday with a picture of a beautiful male he had caught so there are still some spawners out there.  The biologist also mentioned that with the lake and feeding rivers frozen over, we should see some shad kill within a few weeks.  If you can’t go fishing right now, better tie up some shad-colored patterns. 


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