Some Hot Days On The Water!

Seeing lots of 90 degree days.  Looks like that will be the trend for the next 10 days.  Slight chances for rain several of the days, but probably just enough to make it humid!

So far the past four days or so, we have seen no generation until around 1:00-2:00 p.m.  Then they turn on two units for an hour then bump it up to four units for four to five hours, back down to one then off.  Looks like that is the schedule for Monday.

Everyone on the water a week ago this past Thursday.  Darren out with Norm and Ryan.

Joe – 6/13/24

Dana had Dana and Joe and

Dana – 6/13/24

Carolyn had Richard and Thomas.  Fun day for everyone.  Darren’s guys were catching on the copper dun and ruby 2 midges.  Dana’s guys on the Ruby 2 midge and cerise San Juan worm.  Carolyn’s guys on the cerise San Juan worm and Ruby 2 midge.

A week ago this past Saturday, Jim had one of his long-time regulars, Scotty, on the water again.  Fun day for them just getting together, but they Scotty was catching on a JQ streamer.

Last Tuesday, Carolyn took Rob and his son, Alex out for half a day.  Good day for them on the Ruby 2 & P&P midges.

Dustin – 6/19/24

Dana had Justin and Grand from Louisiana on the water Wednesday.  Black copperhead

Grant – 6/19/24

and Ruby 2 midges were their patterns.

Friday, Carolyn had Tador from Oklahoma on the water.  Started up below the root wad and it was a slow morning.  Drifted down to toward the narrows and picked up a few fish on the drift.  Got down below the narrows and it was the ruby 2 and P&P midges that saved the day!

Dana and Carolyn took a group out Saturday.

Martyn – 6/22/24

Carolyn was fishing Martyn and Art.  Martyn is a stripper guide in Texas.  Really good day for these guys on the Tiger Tail, Holographic green crackleback and the

Art – 6/22/24

Ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Dana had Gavin and Collin.  They had a good day catching on the Tiger Tail and JQ streamers.

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