Lots Of Trips

Beautiful weather right now.  Lots of sunshine and no rain in the forecast for a couple more days.  Then the chances are slight.  Let’s hope it stays that way as we do not need any more rain!

Because of all the rain we had last weekend, they have been running three to four generators almost all day the past few days.  We will probably see that trend continue for a few more days until we get back down closer to power pool.

Dana had Dan and Wes on the water last Wednesday.  Afternoon float for them.  Pretty good day on the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.

Jamie – 6/7/24

Friday, Dana and Carolyn had a family, Mom & Dad, their son and future daughter-in-law.  Fun day even though they were messing with the water.  Dana’s boat was catching on the ruby 2 and P&P midges and Carolyn’s on a red San Juan worm and the P&P midge.  Jim was out with Greg from Baldwin.  It was the ruby midge and tan mop fly for them.

Saturday, Dana and Carolyn had another group.  One we have had for the past several years.  Dana had Jim and Addie.

Addie – 6/8/24

This was Addie’s first time fly fishing and she can now say she has caught fish on a fly rod.  They were using a Ruby 2, mega worm and the big ruby.  Carolyn had Brandon and Luke

Luke – 6/8/24

and they had a good day on the Ruby 2, P&P, and a gray scud.  Jim fished with Nick from Kansas.  It was the blood worm and black copperhead midge for him.

Monday, Carolyn took Ray from Alabama out for half a day.  There was to have been no generation until 2:00 on this day.  Before getting to the boat ramp, a horn blew.  Over time, a total of five horn blew, and they eventually had all four generators running.  Pretty much a blow out day.  Caught a few fish on a cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Dana had Kevin and his son, Dakota out.  Tough day for them too.  Peach Eggstacy was what they finally got a fish on.


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