Low Water But Still A Lot Of WIND!

We continue to see beautiful weather and WIND!  Temperature in the mid 80s yesterday and we will probably see that again today.  Rain moving in Monday night and possibly into Tuesday morning, but temperatures will stay in the 70s until Thursday when we have a cool front coming through.  Again, chances for rain.  Looks like 60s Friday and upper 50s Saturday.

No generation yesterday or through Monday.  Two units on late during the day on Monday.  The rain we just had last week has brought us up to one foot below power pool.

Dana on the water Tuesday with Michael from California.  They fished the JQA streamer and P&P midge.  Carolyn had Charles out for his first day.  It was the Ruby 2 all day.

Charles – 4/11/24

Thursday, Charles was on the river again for the day with Carolyn.  Another good day on the Ruby 2 midge.   Dana and Gina were on the water with a group from Louisiana.  Gina had Staci and Mitchell.  They had a fun day catching fish on the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.  No water with lots of wind!  Tom and Tonya were fishing with Dana.  They were fishing the JQ streamer.

Staci & Mitchell – 4/11/24

Friday, Carolyn Marta and Donna on the water.  Fun, relaxing day for Donna as she had not been out fly fishing for a long time.

Donna – 4/12/24

Think she is going to get back to the water again.  Had to look for the fish, but when we found them it was a good day on the…..yep! Ruby 2 midge.  Caught a few on the P&P and black copperhead, but Ruby 2 was the ticket!

Saturday, Jim had Dwan and Robert from Kansas on the water.  Good day pulling the Cope Special streamer.  Neil and Todd fished with Carolyn.  Tough day.  Hits and a few fish here and there.  Moved around a lot looking for the right spot.  Best patterns were the Ruby 2 and P&P midges.

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