Boy! Am I Behind!

We are finally seeing cooler temperatures.  High today will be in the lower 60s.  After today, it looks like mid 70s will be the trend through the weekend and into next week.  Slight chance for showers tomorrow, but otherwise, partly cloudy to sunny days are ahead.

Finally have seen a chance in the flow on Taneycomo yesterday.  What they projected was not what they did, but they did run water most of the day starting at 7:00 a.m.  Turned it off around 9:00 p.m.  It is on again today and supposed to shut off at noon.  We will see.

We have had lots of trips on the water over the past two and a half weeks.  Thus I am behind.  Dana, Carolyn and Jim had a group from Utah out on the 5th.  Some in the group were brand new, but everyone caught a fish.  It was a fun day.

On the 6th, Dana took Terry and Jason out.  They caught fish on the ruby 2, black copperhead and bug big ruby midges.  Jan and Fritz fished with Carolyn.  Good day on the ruby2 midge, cerise San Juan worm and big ruby.

Jim on the water the 7th with John and Nick.  They fished a small mop fly and the ruby 2.

Jim back out on the 9th.  Danny from Colorad0 had a pretty good day on the mop fly and the baby ruby.

Chester with 20″ rainbow – 10/10/23

Chester and Meredith fished on the 9th with Carolyn and on the 10th with Gina.  Two really good days for these guys.  But they have been fishing with us for almost 20 years.

Meredith with 20″ rainbow – 10/10/23

Carolyn started them out with the mop fly, but changed to the ruby 2 for most of the day.  Gina had them on the lil ruby, ruby 2 and root beer midges.  Gina got each of them a 20 incher .  Dana was on the water with Peter and Chad.  They caught some fish on an orange egg pattern.

October 11, Dana took Rick and Donna from Illinois out for half a day.  It was another orange egg pattern day for them.

On the 12th Tim from South Carolina fish a half day with Dana.  Very windy and they were having a lot of trouble seeing strikes.  They did catch a few fish on the ruby 2 midge.

October 13 was another windy and rainy day.  Ken and Marilyn fished with Dana.  Tough day.  Gary had Kevin out for a wad trip.   Kevin caught his first brown trout and several others on the P&P midge and a gray scud.

Last Saturday, Jim took Steve and Dan out for half a day.  It was a streamer day for these guys.  Everything was caught on a #10 JQ streamer.  Carolyn had Paul and Bill on the water and it was a streamer day for them.  Fished the JQ for a while and they shut off this, switched to the mini scuplin and caught a few more.  When this one shut down, they finished up the trip with a small black wooly  and landed a few more.  Dana fished John and Larry.  They were fishing the ruby 2 midge.


Richard – 10/15/23

Sunday, Carolyn took Richard and Richard (Sr. & Jr.) out for the morning.  Tough day.  Finally boated a few fish on various streamers, JQ and black wooly.

Very good day yesterday for Dana’s guys, Ed and Randy from Arkansas.  They turned on the generators early and kept them on most of the day.  The oxygen went up and the fish were happy!  It was the cersie San Juan worm, ruby 2 and crackleback.


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