Lots of Water and Lots of Fish!

We have now seen four generators, and for a few days, a couple of gates open, all day every day since early Monday morning.  Yesterday, they closed down the two gates so we are just a four generators, or 13000 cfs +/- every day.

According to the weather forecast, and we know how accurate that is, we have a 95% chance of heavy rain tomorrow (Friday).  After that, very slight chances every day into next week.  Temperatures running in the mid 70s to low 80s.

Zach – 5/16/23

Gina on the water Tuesday with Brian and his son, Zach.  They had a good day with the little ruby under

Brian – 5/16/23

the big ruby and stripping a tiger tail using a sinking leader.  They had fished with Gina around eight years ago and had such a good time they had to come back.

Gary and Barry from Lees Summit fished half a day with Carolyn.  These two guys have fished with us since 2007!  Very good and fun day on the water.  Early part of the day was a little slow, but it finally picked up and they stayed busy bringing fish.  Ruby 2 or black copperhead midges under the big ruby.

Barry – 5/17/23

Gary – 5/16/23

Wednesday, Gary and Barry had to hit the water for another half day with Carolyn.  Another very good day.  Early it was either a cerise or red San Juan worm under the big ruby.  Nothing fast and furious, but again, later in the day fishing started picking up and they were again catching on the ruby 2 or back copperhead midges.  Caught a couple stripping the golden variant leech.  Fun day fishing with these two!  Dana had Alec and Jim on the water.  They were out all day catching on the ruby 2, P&P and black copperhead midges.   Almost forgot, Murphy was out and about.


Alec – 5/17/23

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