Good, Healthy Fish!

Having some nice weather.  Beautiful days in the upper 70s or low 80s.  Slight chance for some rain tonight then back into the low 80s tomorrow followed by upper 70s Friday and Saturday and low 80s through the weekend and into next week.

Seeing no generation during the morning hours, then two, three or four units on for a while in the late morning or early afternoon for five to six hours.

Chris – 5/21/23

Fishing has been great.  Darren on the water here Sunday.  (They had waded Norfork the day before) Good day for Chris and John on the copper dun midge, rainbow and micro scuds.  John is new and had a wonderful time.  Dana had

Dennis – 5/21/23

Dennis from Texas on the water.  Dennis was catching on the ruby 2 midge and stripping a JQ streamer.

Kimi – 5/22/23

Monday, Carolyn had a couple newbies on the water, Jim and Kimi from Texas.  Their best fly was a rusty midge.  They had two doubles

Jim – 5/22/23

(both had a fish on at the same time) down by Eagle Island.  What fun!

Tuesday, Carolyn took Adam and Suzette out for half a day.

Adam – 5/23/23

They had taken our two-day fly fishing school over a year ago and Suzette wanted a little refreshing on casting.  Adam hits the water a bit more than Suzette.  After a little refreshing, she was throwing a great line.  Good enough we pulled streamers all morning.  The midge and scud bit was off, so we switched to a 56er and spent the morning catching fish.  Wonderful day!

Just have to comment on the great quality of the fish we are catching.  They are all healthy, and FAT!  And, we are catching more fish on a regular basis above 17 inches!

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