Lots Of Low Water During The Morning Hours

Weather is definitely much cooler.  Temperatures in the 80s for most of the coming week.  Possibly low 90s by the weekend.  No rain in the forecast until the following week.

Low on unit every morning.  Ramping up to three units by 1:00 or 2:00 p.m.  Low one unit all day yesterday, today and projected for tomorrow.

Darren out a week ago this past Thursday and Friday with Jim and his friend David.  They had a couple good days on a double sow/scud rig and soft hackles.  Several nice fish.

The following Saturday, Darren had Jason and Jennifer, from Texas on the water.  Brand new fly fishers had a fun day on the double scud rig and soft hackles.

Carolyn out last Monday with Tonya and Jeremy.  They moved to Tennessee and heard there was fly fishing there so they came to learn a little about fly fishing.  Fun day wading on the gravel bar across from the boat ramp.  Caught a few fish on the black copperhead midge.

Tuesday, Darren had Mike out for half a day.  Tough day.  Fished a black biot midge and soft hackles.  Carolyn had a couple who had

David – 8/16/22

taken the two-day fly fishing school earlier in the year.  They came back for a refresher

Billye – 8/16/22

and had a fun time catching on a golden variant sculpin, a tiger tail and a soft hackle.

Thursday, Darren took Daniel from Michigan out for

Dan – 8/18/22

a half day trip.  It was another double scud rig and soft hackles day.  Dana and Carolyn had a group from Louisiana.  Dana had Ashley and Ryan.  They

Joe – 8/18/22

were catching on the Ruby 2.  Carolyn had Joe and Renee and they were catching on the black copperhead midge under a lightning bug.  Everyone a new fly fisher and they all did very well.

Friday and Saturday, Carolyn had Dean, on the water for a couple half days.  He just recently returned from Alaska where he spent three weeks fishing!  Think he likes to fish.  We didn’t catching anything the size of the fish he was catching up there, but managed to get a few fish to the net on an egg pattern Friday.

Dean – 8/19/22

Saturday was a mixed bag of a few on the egg, then a few on a black copperhead midge.  Some hits stripping.  Nothing consistent.  Was a beautiful weekend!

TC & Timber – 8/20/22

Darren was on the water with a father/son combo on their first fly fishing experience.  The best pattern was the soft hackle.  Fun day for everyone!


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