Beautiful Weather!

Great days on the water.  Temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s.  Looks like this trend will continue for a few more days.  Possible exception is Sunday when the forecast says upper 90s.  Otherwise, Mid 90s and 80s on past Sunday.

Generation pattern continues to be a very low to low one unit until around 1:00 p.m. when they fire up 3 units for five to six hours.  Then back to the low one for the balance of the evening.

Fishing has been up and down.  Talking to several of the fishers getting out and wading during the morning low flow, they are having days when they work hard for three or four fish and other days it’s a great day.  We had students wading Sunday and it was a great day for them for a couple hours stripping the golden variant sculpin pattern.

Chip holding Addie’s fish – 8/9/22

Chip – 8/9/22

Darren on the water Tuesday with Chip and his daughter Addie.  Wonderful day for them on some #18 gray scuds.  Addie caught her first trout on a fly rod.  She had several hits and misses, and  finally got one in!

Yesterday Jim took two young men, Will and Sam, out for the morning to get them started fly fishing.  Good day for them.  They learned a lot, had some fish on…and some fish off.  Got enough technique that they were out again fishing on their own.

Today, Jim took out their parents, Greg and Vicki.  Good day for them and I think Mom might get taken out for dinner tonight as she had the big fish of the two days!  JQ streamer and root beer midge.

Darren had a good first day of his two day trips with Jim from Arkansas.  Caught some nice fish on a double sow bug/scud rig.

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