March Came In Like A Lamb!!

March definitely came in like a lamb.  We have had 70s and even 80s yesterday and I think again today.  We will have another nice day tomorrow into Saturday with temperatures in the 70s, but Saturday will probably see some afternoon storms and a drop in temperatures through Sunday (with more rain) down to the 40s by Monday.  Then we will see 50s Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly 60 by Thursday.  Unfortunately, right now it looks like another cool down, 40s, for next weekend.

No change in water flow, two to three units switching back and forth all day every day.  Probably won’t see much change until we get down to the desirable pool level on Table Rock and then they might cut back, or get more rain and then they will continue running.

Chris – 2/28/22

Darren on the river Sunday with Chris from Kansas.  They had a pretty good dry on a beadhead scud combo, and the P&P midge.

Monday and Tuesday, Darren took Bill and his son, Ty out fo

Ty – 2/28/22

Bill – 2/28/22

r a couple of half days.  New fly fishers, and they landed some fish on a #14 scud, and black/flash wooly bugger.  Had to learn how to pull streamers.

Wednesday, Dana had Jim and Jean from South Dakota out for the day.  They caught fish on the surveyor, a mega worm, and an orange egg pattern.  Jim was out for Derek and his two sons,  Pretty much instructional for the two boys but they brought in a few fish on a JQ streamer and a red midge.

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