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Mid 60s yesterday with lots of sunshine and expecting mid 70s today.  Unfortunately, rain in the forecast for Monday through Wednesday.  But, temperatures not too bad.  50s & 60s.

No change in generation.  Still running anywhere from two to four units.  However, this weekend is was three all day for both days.  Monday is projecting two units all day.

Wyatt – 3/14/22

Dana on the river last Monday with Kerry

Kerry – 3/14/22

and Wyatt from Illinois.  New fly fishers got some fish to the boat on the ruby 2 midge.

Dominic – 3/15/22

Karen and her grandson, Dominic fished with Dana on Tuesday.  Dominic caught his first trout on a fly rod and it was on a ruby 2 midge.  Mike and his friend Marcus were

Marcus – 3/14/22

fishing with Carolyn.  They had a pretty good day on a #18 gray scud and a black copperhead midge.  Think we also hooked

Mike – 3/14/22

a few on the holographic green midge.

Wednesday, Dana and Carolyn took a family from Texas that had never fly fished.  Wanted to learn a little about it, so out we went!  Carolyn book Brandy and Dana had the guys, Nathan and Dalton.  Brandy had a

Brandy – 3/16/22

fun day on the red d-ribbed and black copper head midges.  The guys missed some but really had no best flies.

Jennifer – 3/19/22

Saturday, Matt and Jennifer from Higginsville, fished with Carolyn.  They started out the morning with a double.  This was Jennifer’s first trout on a fly rod.  Although she fishes the Parks for trout quite a bit, she didn’t use a fly rod.  Think that has changed.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 midge,

Matt – 3/19/22

lightning bug, black copperhead midge and a #18 gray scud.  Matt had the best fish of the day slipped through his fingers while we were trying to take a picture!

With Spring breaks going on everywhere, we have been seeing lots of new, young, getting started fly fishers.  Nice to see!  Carolyn spent several hours with 10 year old Bradley from Oklahoma on Thursday.  He is a natural.  Picked up casting and shooting line in no time.  Has a natural instinct for where to look for fish.  Keep it up Bradley!

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