What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was 56 degrees and today it’s 25….even with the sun out!.  Looks like we are in for some normal January weather over the next week.  Temperatures in the mid 40s tomorrow and Tuesday; Wednesday and Thursday 35 then 24 with chances for light snow Thursday.  Back to the low 50s and some mid to upper 40s over the weekend into the following week.

Generation has been mostly two or three units during the morning hours, then off until afternoon when they fire up two to three units sometimes four again for a few hours.  Off very late into the next morning and back on again for a few hours.  New Year’s day they had it off until late afternoon.  Ran it this morning and were supposed to turn it off at noon.  So far, don’t think they have.

Great finish of 2021 and a great start to 2022!  Dana on the water

Jim with 21″ rainbow – 12/29/21

Saturday with Dennis and Jim.  Dennis is from Kansas and I believe Jim was from Texas.  They had a good day on a black copperhead midge.  Water was going down when they hit the river so they stayed high.  Nice weather, good fishing.  Jim caught a beautiful 21 inch rainbow.

Sunday, Carolyn took her regulars, Ron and Kathy from Louisiana, out for half a day.  They had a good day, especially

Kathy – 12/30/21

Kathy, on the ruby 2 midge dropped under the red D-ribbed midge.

New Year’s eve day, Carolyn had Dean from Kansas on the water again.  Again the water was dropping when they hit the river so they stayed high.  First cast of the morning, Dean hooked a 23-1/2″ rainbow

Dean & 23-1/2″ rainbow – 12/31/21

on a black copperhead midge.  There were catching times and slow times, but overall it was a good day!  Black copperhead midge was the ticket early, they they switched off to the ruby 2.  Fun last day of the year!  And what a gorgeous day!  At one time the temperature was 72 degrees.


New Year’s day, I took myself to the river and fished for just long enough to catch my first trout of the New Year.  Of course, after landing one, I had to land a few more.   Great way to start the New Year!  Let’s hope it just keeps going this way.



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