Great December Weather!

Had some rain this morning, but the day has turned out warm and sunny.  Chance for some showers tomorrow and the high will be in the mid 50s.  Thursday and Friday looks like low 60s with rain possibly developing Friday afternoon.  New Years day will be in the mid to upper 40s and Sunday will flat be cool….low 30s.  Warm up is the current trend for next week.

Generation has been a low one most of the day with spurts of two to three units for a short period some time during the day.  Today it was off until 6:00 when they fired up two units for an hour, then three for a couple hours and back to two for an hour.  It is currently off and will remain off until 4:00 when it will go back to two.  We had a brief period of off water yesterday afternoon also.  This would be a nice trend for a while.

Stephanie – 12/27/21

Carolyn on the water yesterday with some new fly fishers from Texas, Mike and Stephanie.  Fun day, except for the water.  When we hit the water, they had four units going full board.  While we were drifting, the water dropped to two units, a low two units, back up to three, then down to two and finally completely off.  Made for some tough fishing, but we managed to land several, and nice ones, on a black copperhead midge.

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