Awesome Weather and Good Fishing!

Just finished a run or great weather.  Several December days in the 70!  And, lots of sunshine.  However, we are about to go back to normal for this time of the year….50s.  We do have a couple days this coming week in the 60s.  Enjoy them all!

Continue to see generation 24/7.  Some days the flow is fairly stable, and on others they ramp it up to a low two for an hour or so then back to a one of low one level.

Doc – 12/2/21

Had our oldest, old customer on the water Thursday.  Doc and his friend Brian spend half a day on the water with Carolyn.  Doc was our very first guide trip customer back in early 1999 and he will be 89

Brian – 12/2/21

years old in January.  Happy Birthday Doc!  Fun day for these two on a P&P midge under a red d-ribbed midge or a roe colored egg pattern.  And, it was one of those 70+ degree days!

Jim on the water Friday with Kevin.  Good day for them although the flows were up and down.  Fished a JQ streamer, ruby midge and red San Juan worm.  Darren

Don – 12/3/21

was on the water with Don from Texas.  Good day for Don on lots of different patterns,  It was not a one or two pattern day for them.  Big ruby, copper dun, black beauty, tan scud, peach egg…..   Peter from St. Louis fished with Dana both Friday and Saturday.  They had a good day Friday and a much better day Saturday.  Friday was an orange egg pattern, cerise San Juan worm, and the P&P midge.  Saturday, was the big ruby with the P&P dropper or a cerise San Juan worm.

Saturday, Darren had Bill and his friend, Dave from Iowa

Bill – 12/4/21

on the water for half a day.  Another good day.  Like I said, the oxygen it up and the fish are happy!.  P&P and copper dun

Dave – 12/4/21

midges were their patterns.   Carolyn had Cole and Carsynn from Oklahoma on the water.  Good day for these two on a roe egg pattern, or the P&P or copper dun midges under the red d-rubbed midge.

Cole – 12/4/21

Fishing has definitely improved over the past couple weeks and is only going to get better.  Time to get out there and catch some nice fish!

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