Oxygen Is Looking Better!

Nice weather we’re having for late November.  Looks like December is going to start out nice too.  Monday and Tuesday will be mid 60s.  Then we start out December in low 60s and finish up Thursday and Friday with upper 60s.  Back to upper 50s for Saturday and Sunday with slight chances for rain Sunday.  Not too bad!

Good news is that it looks like the lake is turning as we are starting to see some better oxygen readings.  The other good news is that they have been running 24/7 at a reasonable level most of the time for the past five days.  By reasonable I mean a level where you can still wade in many places.

Darren on the water last Tuesday with Adam and Lincoln from Texas.  Brand new fly fishers managed to bring some fish to the boat on a Ruby 2 & P&P combo or a Scud and egg pattern.

Jenny – 11/24/21


Bryce – 11/24/21

Darren took Bryce and his daughter, Jenny out

for half a day.  Also brand new and they hooked them on the big ruby with a copper dun

Al – 11/24/21

midge dropper.   Dana was on the water with Al and Matt.  They had a

Matt – 11/24/21

fun day catching on a copper dun midge and red San Juan worm under the big ruby.

Friday, Dean from Kansas fished with Carolyn.  They found several fish using a small roe

Dean – 11/26/21

egg pattern under the big ruby.  Also caught a few stripping the holographic green crackleback.

Benji – 11/27/21

Saturday, Dana and Carolyn took some more new fly fishers out on the water.  Patty, Benji and their son, Landon.  Dana started out catching some on the P&P midge.

Patty – 11/27/21

When they shut down on this he changed his guys to a yellow egg pattern.  Carolyn had Patty catching on a dark roe egg.


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