Five Spillways Open!

Lots of rain on Wednesday and by Saturday, they opened up five spillways.  Now running almost 15000 cfs 24/7.  Some rain in the forecast Tuesday and we hope it is not much.  Temperatures in the upper 60s or low 70s through next weekend.

Like I said, almost 15000 cfs running 24/7 and it will probably continue this way for a while.  Table Rock Lake came up almost five feet!

Dana on the water last Thursday with Anthony and Austin from Kansas.  Good say for these guys on the mega worm, orange egg pattern and big ruby.  Water a little off due to the rain earlier in the week.

Saturday, Darren took George and Robert out for half a day.  Bad day for them.  What they caught was on the cerise San Juan worm.

Bryson and 20″ Rainbow – 5/1/21

Brian and his son, Bryson fish half a day with Darren Saturday.  Nice 20 inch rainbow for Bryson.  Ruby 2, mega worm and cerise San Juan worm.   Gina had Natalie out.  She wanted to work on casting

Natalie – 5/1/21

as she is going out to Montana later this year.  Worked on lots of stuff and caught fish too!  Black copperhead midge and the ruby 2 midge.


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