Waterflow Down and Fishing Up!

Have had some beautiful weather days on the water.  Then we have to get this…snow, rain and colder temperatures.  However, it should be short lived and temperatures into the low 80s by next Monday!  Then more normal, upper 60s and low 70s.

Table Rock is currently just a little below power pool at 714.9 (715 is power pool), so we have been seeing lower generation flows.  Yesterday was mainly around 75 mwh (about a three foot rise in level).  Today is projected to be 50 mwh all day….not quite three feet.  This, of course, opens up a few more places to wade.

Fishing has been very good.  Jim on the water last Wednesday with Alec and Jim from Manchester.  They had a really good day pulling JQ streamers, or midging with the big ruby and a baby ruby.

Jody – 4/15/21

Thursday, Dana took Jody and his friend Brandon out for all day.  They did very well on a grey scud or red San Juan worm under

Brandon – 4/15/21

the big ruby.  Both are new fly fishing and picked up quickly.  Carolyn was on the water with Lewis and his friend Mike.  Really good

Lewis – 4/15/21

day for these guys.  Lewis had fished with Carolyn before, but this was Mike’s first time with a fly rod.  Think he is in love.

Mike – 4/14/21

Lots of fish on the ruby 2 or red San Juan worm under the big ruby.

Lisa – 4/17/21

Lisa and her friend Janelle, from Oklahoma, spend all day Saturday and half of the day Sunday on the river with Gina.  Fun couple of days for these ladies catching fish on the ruby 2 midge with a black copperhead

Janelle – 4/17/21

dropper or an egg with the black midge dropper.  A bit chilly that day but it didn’t affect their catching.  The second day was the ruby 2 midge under the big ruby or stripping a tiger tail.

Wayne – 4/19/21

Yesterday, Wayne from Illinois spent the morning on the water with Dana.  Good day for Wayne.  It was either the black copperhead midge or a grey scud to make a happy day for Wayne.  A couple new fly fishers from Texas, John and his friend Roger, spend

Roger – 4/19/21

half a day on the water with Carolyn.  They might just be hooked on fly fishing too.  John is already throwing a pretty good line.  They hooked lots of fish on

John – 4/19/21

the ruby 2 or black copperhead midge under the big ruby.  We had a nice low flow when we hit the water and it dropped out a little more while we were out there.

Better get out and do some fishing.  It is really good right now and will continue to be quite a while.  Also, the fish quality is great!


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