Tough Day!

Still lots of hot, sunny weather.  Might have a chance for rain early next week, but otherwise, hot!

No change in generation.  Two early, then three for a few hours.  Four units around 4:00 p.m. for two to three hours then back to two through the night and into the next morning.

Jeremy spend the morning with Dana on Sunday.  Jeremy fished with Dana just about the same time last year.  Even more interesting, they caught the same number of fish with year as last and the largest fish was the same size as last year.  Only difference were the fly patterns.  This year the catching was on a crackleback or ruby 2.

Nick – 7/20/20

Gina on the water Monday with Nick from Nebraska.  Good day for Nick pulling the tiger tail, or nymphing a black copperhead midge.  He really liked stripping the tiger tail as he had not caught a fish using this presentation.

Tuesday, Dana took Lloyd and Mary out for half a day.  New fly fishers had a fun day on a salmon egg pattern and stripping the a crackleback.

Wednesday was tough!  Four of us on the water wondering where the fish were.  We all managed to catch some, but nothing like it has

Linda – 7/22/20

been fishing.  Carolyn has Linda out on an instructional half day float.  She wanted to learn to use all the stuff she had purchased, so we worked on casting, rigging, but mainly presentation.  Linda has a good feel for pulling streamers on a sinking leader and definitely got in a lot of mending practice while standing in the fast water.  Best pattern for her

Jake – 7/22/20

was a red San Juan worm.  And, she is throwing a good line!  Dana was out with Jerry and Jacob wondering where the fish were.  They also managed to catch a few

Jerry – 7/22/20

on an orange crackleback, JQ streamer or the big ruby.  Darren’s guys, Ryan and Scott did best on an egg with the scud dropper.  Gary took Ella on a wade trip and was also wondering where the fish were.  They tried up by the cable with no takers.  Best place was a gravel bar down by the landing where they landed a few fish on a red soft hackle.

The good news is that today was much better.  The fish were where we normally find them and eating pretty much the same things we have been doing well on.  JP and Andy spend this morning fishing with Darren.  They had a good day on the egg pattern with a size 16 gray scud dropper.

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