The Fish Don’t Like This Heat Either!

Really see no relief in sight for the heat.  But, must remember, it is July!  Chances for rain late tomorrow night into Thursday morning.  That’s about it for a while.

No change in the generation pattern.  Table Rock is not about 7 feet above normal pool level.  Still have a ways to go.

Jennifer – 7/12/20

Dana on the water Sunday with Matt and his girlfriend, Jennifer.  Fun day for them catching on the ruby midge or stripping the holographic green crackleback.  We are still catching fish, and nice fish, but certainly not the numbers we were catching 3-4 weeks ago.


Judy – 7/13/20

Carolyn took Jerry and Judy out for half a day.  It was a Judy day.

Jerry – 7/13/20

She was catching on the ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Even had a few fish take her big ruby.   Jerry was fishing right next to her with exactly the same rig and she just had her day!  Todd and Mark from Oklahoma were fishing with Darren.  Good day for them stripping a tiger tail or crackleback.  Nymph fishing was not the thing for them that day.

Today, Dana had Bob from Oklahoma on the water for the morning.  His wife Laneese rode along to enjoy the day.  They had a good day stripping a crackleback or nymphing a ruby 2 midge.


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