We May Have Dodged A Bullet!

Beautiful weather in the forecast for the 7-9 days.  Temperatures in the 80s or low 9os AND no rain!  Slight chance next Thursday and the following Saturday.

The rain that was forecast for our area and Arkansas did not amount to as much as predicted.  Thank you!  So far, all the lakes are staying below flood pool and with this bout of nice, dry weather ahead, we should make some headway in getting them on the downward trend.  Right now, Table Rock Lake is only using one to three generators.

Ralph – 6/10/20

When Dana hit the water yesterday with his guest, Ralph, they were running all kinds of levels of water.  For a while Taneycomo’s elevation would be 704.2′ then jump to 705 for a while, then 707′ and back down to 705′  Despite the erratic water levels, Ralph had a good day stripping the holographic green crackleback and nymphing an orange egg or ruby 2 midge.

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