The Tradition Continues!

Looks like some pretty nice weather for this time of the year.  Today we are looking at mid 50s.  Chances for rain showers tomorrow morning but temps in the mid 40s.  Saturday through Sunday will see sunshine and mid 40s Saturday with Sunday and Monday in the 50s.

Generation continue to be three units non stop.  Beaver is now down to 1124.7 so it has a little over four feet to power pool.  Table Rock is holding its own at the current flow.

Penny – 1/1/2020

The tradition of some of the members from the River Run Women’s Fly Fishing Club being in or on Taneycomo fishing on January 1

Paula – 1/1/2020

continues!  In spite of the three units and high wind, a small group of the ladies had a delightful day

Roberta – 1/1/2020

catching fish out of Taneycomo January 1, 2020!!!  Gina, Penny, Paula, Roberta and Carolyn kept the tradition live and well.  Let’s hope for better water next year.

Happy New Year 2020!

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