Still Lots of Water

Definitely warmer this year than it was same time last year.  I remember New Years Day being bitterly cold!  Mid to upper 40s today and tomorrow.  New Years Day will be in the upper 50s!  And we are looking at a mix of 40s and 50s over the coming week.

The weather is the good news.  Now for generation.  Looks like they are finally dumping Beaver.  They have been running generators and flood gates for several days now and will probably continue until they get at or near normal pool level…..which is about five feet away.  In turn, Table Rock is keeping up with the incoming water by running three generators every day.  Up until this rain we had night before last, we were actually seeing Table Rock dropping a little each day while keeping up with the incoming water from Beaver.  That inch of rain pulled us up a little.  Better to get rid of it now before the Spring rains.

Carolyn on the water Friday with Karin from Oklahoma.  Fast, deep water was a challenge (as it always is), but we had a good day catching on the cerise San Juan worm dropped from the big ruby.  Karin is a good fisher so she handled the challenge well.

Carter & 22-1/2″ rainbow – 12/28/19

Jake – 12/28/19

Saturday, Carolyn had Carter and Jake on the water.  Carter has fished with us a couple times before and wanted to introduce Jake to fly fishing.  Great conditions under which to learn!  However, it was a good, fun day and the guys finished up even on fish!  But, Carter had the day for the biggest fish which was a nice 22-1/2″ male rainbow.  Yep, best pattern was the cerise San Juan worm.

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