Ketchup Time!

Looks like the hot weather is moving on.  90s is too warm for September and today looks like the last one we will have.  Upper 70s tomorrow and then 70s for the next two weeks!  Yeah!  Slight chances for rain over the weekend and again next weekend and throughout the week.

They seem to be back to the low flow during the morning hours and then kicking it up to the equivalent of two to three units by 1:00 or 2:00 p.m.

Lots of nice quality fish being caught.  Almost every trip is bringing in at least one fish 17 inches or better!  And, they are fat!

Rick – 9/20/19

Carolyn on the water  the 19th and 20th with a couple of fishers who took the Orvis school last year.  Good refresher time for Arlan and Rick!  First day was a little slow but they caught fish on the tan scud, an apricot egg pattern and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  The second day was cut short due to the threat of rain but they caught a lot more fish.  Almost all of them were on a cerise San Juan Worm.  Jim was out on the 20th with a couple

Porter – 9/22/19

of guys from Wisconsin, Bill and Kurt.  The JQ streamer or scud were their patterns.

Tyler – 9/22/19

The 22nd, Carolyn took Tyler, Darcey and their six year old son, Porter,  out for half a day.  We had hoped the water would be off so we could wade, but no such luck.  Fun, learning day catching on the cerise San Juan worm and

Darcey – 9/22/19

stripping a crackleback.   Happy Birthday Fred!  For his birthday, his son Jake got him a fly fishing trip.  They spent the morning on the water with Gina.  Good day for them on the pink or red San Juan worms and a peach egg pattern.

Michael spend a full day on the water with Gina on the 23rd.  Good

Jake – 9/22/19

day for him on the red San Juan, a red devil jig and pulled one on a size 14 wooly bugger.

Bob from Arizona, spent the day of the 25th on the water with Gina.  Very good day for Bop on both the pink and red San Juan

Fred – 9/22/19

worms.  Low one unit on for almost of the trip.

Linda and Tim from Kansas  were on the water again with Gina on the 26th.  Third year

Michael – 9/23/19

since they started fishing with her.  Low one unit running all morning and it was the red San Juan worm under the big ruby that pulled all their

Linda – 9/26/19

fish.  Good day!  Carolyn had Dale and his dog Miley on the water for the morning.  Got a late start, but the earlier

Tim – 9/26/19

part of the morning fished great on the red San Juan under the big ruby.  As the morning ticked by, fishing slowed down.

Dale & Miley 9/26/19






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