Break In The Weather!

Looks like rain tonight that should be out of here by tomorrow.  Good news is the temperatures are moving into the upper 70s to low 80s.  Yeah!  No more 90 degree days.  Chances for rain Tuesday through Thursday and then again over the weekend.

We continue to see low one unit running 24/7 through Monday.  Let’s hope that is the pattern, or better yet, no generation.  We shall see.  Good news is that at this level, several folks were standing in the water this morning.

Jim – 9/16/18

Carolyn on the water last Monday with Jim out of Wisconsin.  Jim had a good day fishing the apricot egg pattern.   We started the morning with a low one unit.  By noon, they fired up a low two.  About an hour later, almost a full three units came on  so it was time to break for lunch.  Managed to pull a few more fish out after the water rise, but it certainly was better before the three units.

Tuesday, Rick and Donna spent the morning with Carolyn.  Very good day for these two on the apricot egg or a UV gray scud.  This was another one of the low one unit days at put in.  We beat the heavy

Jane – 9/17/19

water down to the take out and it fished steadily all the way down.  Gina had Don and his wife Jane on the water.  This was

Don – 9/17/19

Jane’s first time and she did well.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm, or a root beer midge.

Brian and his wife, Michal spent all day Wednesday fishing with Carolyn.  Good day for them on the cerise San Juan worm or the apricot egg pattern.

Brian – 9/18/19

Jim took Frank from West Virginia out for half a day Thursday.  Streamers were their best pattern, especially the JQ.  Caught a few on the egg pattern.


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