Nice Weather Coming Up!

Looks like we are done with the rain for a few days.  This coming week looks like mid 80s almost every day.  Slight chance for rain showing up next Saturday, but right now, it is very slight.

No real change in the generation pattern.  Unfortunately, over the weekend, they started up the units early in the day instead of the 11:00 a.m. or noon they have been doing during the week.  Figure that!  Today, they turned on the first unit at 11:00 a.m.  Think that is the same projection for tomorrow.

Jim on the water Sunday with a couple new fly fishers, Trish and Tim.  The caught a few fish stripping a #8 JQ streamer.  Really spent much of the time learning how to cast.

Monday, Carolyn took John out for half a day.  Slow, tough day.  We landed a decent number of fish but certainly had to work for them.  Our best fishing was probably after they turned on the first unit and we were fishing the rise.  Before that, it was a few on a red soft hackle, then a couple stripping the JQ.   Just before the first horn went off, he hooked one on the ruby 2 so we stayed with this as a dropper under the big ruby while fishing the rise.  Caught several on this and then it dried up when another horn went off.  Pretty day to be on the water!


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