Enough Rain!

Rain in the forecast the past four days.  Looks like, after today, it might be out of here until next weekend, when we are seeing slight chances both Friday and Saturday.  Otherwise, sunny days, mostly in the 80s.  Nice!  Had a few trips scheduled that we cancelled due to the forecast of thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday.  The forecast kind of fizzled out and it really wasn’t as bad as they were saying.

Generation pattern has remained pretty much the same until this weekend.  Yesterday, they turned on two units at 9:00 a.m. and kept them on until evening.  Today, they turned on a low one around 5:00 a.m. and upped it at 10:00 a.m.  A little more than the equivalent of one full unit.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be back to what they have been doing…nothing until noon or so and they two ramping up to three until evening.

Oxygen level has been less than a desirable for the trout.  We are starting to see more dead fish in the water.  Just a reminder, take a little more time with your fish before you release them.  Make certain they are fully revived before sending them on their way.

Terry – 8/19/19

Terry and Brian from Mississippi, spent last Monday morning on the water with Carolyn.  Pretty new

Brian – 8/19/19

fly fishers and we had a fun day stripping the filoplume and drifting the black copperhead midge.  Several rainbows and one beautiful brown!

Wednesday, it was a full house.  Jim, Dana and Carolyn had a group of six new fly fishers on the water.  Jim had two of the guys, Brent and Joe.  These guys were catching on the rusty midge.  Dana had the sons, Ethan and Caleb in his boat.  The copperhead

Kim – 8/21/19

midge was their pattern.  Of course, Carolyn took the ladies, Kim and Laurie.  Our quote for the day was “what happens on the river stays on the river”.  Good day on a size 20 tan scud

Laurie – 8/21/19

with a red soft hackle trailer, or stripping the JQ on a 1.5 ips sinking leader.  Fun day for these two ladies.

Saturday, Dana and Carolyn back on the water again.  Kevin and his son, Drew, attended our 2-day Orvis school last year.  They came back to catch some fish and brought Eli (who will soon be part of the family) with them.  This was one of those change in the generation pattern days.  Two generators came on at 9:00 a.m. but was and did remain at that flow day.  Thank you.  Dana took Kevin and they were catching on the ruby 2 with a red San Juan dropper.  Carolyn’s guys, Drew and Eli had a good day fishing the big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper or a cerise San Juan worm dropper.  The ruby 2 dried up late in the morning so the San Juan was it.  Also caught on the JQ streamer with a 4 ips sinking leader.  Rained like the devil a couple time this day and the forecast was showing it moving out.   So much for forecast!


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