Great Way To Spend The Way…..Fishing!

Beautiful, sunny day.  However, if we run true to form, we will see a show sometime this afternoon.  At least that’s been the pattern the past few days.  And, the prediction is 40% (we’ve had rain with 30%) chance around 4:00 p.m.  Temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s through the week with 40% chance of rain each day!

We continue to see no generation late in the day and into the morning.  Two generators on around 8:00 a.m. and run for a couple hours the off for 3-4 hours and back on with one or two and eventually ramping up to a full four units.  However, today and last night, although projected, they did not follow this pattern.  Low all night and then they ramped it up at 7:00 a.m.  Currently it is holding at a low two units which puts it three to four feet higher than normal no generation level.  This can be waded in some places if you’re careful.

Jim on the water Friday with Billy.  Pretty good day stripping the tiger tail and later in the morning they caught some fishing a red ass soft hackle.  Fun!  Eugene and his friend, RM were on the water with Darren.  They fished the ruby 2, scuds and sowbugs and even did a little stripping.  Jim spent the morning with Carolyn.  He does some salt water and streamer fishing

Jim – 7/5/19

but had never fished midges.  So, we introduced him to the wonderful world of midges.  Fished the ruby 2 under the big ruby while they were running two units.  After a couple hours, they shut down the generators so it was a #16 ruby 2 on top and the #18 ruby 2 on bottom for a slow drift.  Good, fun day!  Finished up with the last fish on a holographic green crackleback on a sinking leader.

Saturday, Jim had Linsey and her friend, Clark on the water.  Both are beginners so Jim did lots of instruction before he let them catch fish stripping the JQ streamer!



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