The Fish Don’t Mind This High Water!

Can’t believe it….three days in a row with now rain!  Slight chances for rain on Sunday, then again on Wednesday.  Temperatures remain in the high 70s or low 80s through this time.  Next weekend, we are seeing slight chances for rain again.  Boo hiss!

No change in generation pattern.

Despite all the rain and water, fishing has been good.  Dana on the water Wednesday with Pat and his friend John.  Started off a little slow, but they finally started hitting them mainly on the

Allen – 5/23/19

ruby 2 under the big ruby.  Also pulled some on the orange egg pattern under the big ruby.  This was John’s first trip and we think he’s “hooked”.  Jim and Gina had a

Gary – 5/23/19

group of guys from Oklahoma.  A couple of them have been fishing with us since 2010.  Gary and Allen fished with Jim this day and they

were catching on the hot hare’s ear under the big ruby.  Gina had Bob and they had a great day mainly on the ruby 2 with a ruby 2 dropper.  Fish were where they should be in this otherwise fast water.

Bob – 5/22/19

Thursday, the guys swapped around and Gary and Allen fished with Gina and Bob went with Jim.  Gina’s guys were catching on the ruby 2 or stripping a wooly bugger.  Jim had Bob throwing the hot hare’s ear.  Carolyn had a couple from Oklahoma, Crystal and Cory on the water.  Crystal fished with Carolyn last August.  She was just getting

Crystal – 5/23/19

started then, and fortunately, it was low water.  This was a little more challenging water but both managed it well and caught a good number of fish on the ruby 2 under the big ruby and stripping a JQ streamer on a 4 or 5 ips

Cory – 5/23/19

sinking leader.  Both really liked this technique.  Nice, fat fish most of the trip.


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