Change In The Generation Pattern!

Nice, warm day today with a little wind starting up around noon.  According to the weather, we might see some heavy rain later today.  Definitely will see some tomorrow.  After that, looks like upper 70s and low to mid 80s into the weekend.  Sunday, 50% chance for rain showing up again and continues as this chance through most of the next week.  Boo!!!

Spillway gates closed today around 1:00 p.m.  Dropped Taneycomo level by 2 feet, so our tailwater level is now at 709 feet.  Tomorrow’s generation projection shows no generation from midnight to 8:00 a.m. when one unit will come on for 7 hours, then ramped up to three units for 5 hours, back down to two units for two hours, then one the rest of the day.  Fish won’t know what to do with all this fluctuation.  Neither will we!!!  Of course, with the rain projection, this may all change………….

Vinny – 5/25/19

Gina on the water Saturday with Beebe and his grandson Vinny.  Fun day for both of them catching fish on the

Beebe – 5/25/19

ruby 2 midge under the big ruby or an egg pattern.  Vinny caught the biggest fish and grandpa caught the first one.  Fortunately, the total number were a tie.  Second time for Vinny with a fly rod and he handled it well.

Sunday, Jim, Dana and Carolyn had a group of three brothers.  Two of them brought their  wives.  The other brother brought his daughter.

Mary Key – 5/26/19

Carolyn had Mary Kay and Mike.  Mike had fly fished many, many years ago and this was Mary Kay’s first time with a fly rod.  Fun day of catching and learning for these two on the ruby 2 and a holographic green crackleback.  Mary Kay said their have found their new pass time together.   Dana took Jim and Kim.  They did well and caught fish on the ruby 2 or an orange egg pattern.  Mark and Amy were with Jim.  They fished a hot hare’s ear under the big ruby.

Jim had Cathy from Nebraska on the water Monday.  She had a very good day on the bug eyed bugged or nymphing the baby ruby under the big ruby.  Cathy has been fly fishing a while so she enjoyed learning the stripping technique.

Today, Carolyn took Rod from Kansas out for half a day.  He’s fished with us several time over the past ten years.   Good day for Rod on the ruby 2, Alvin and stripping the JQ streamer.

Anxious to see what is going to happen with the water!


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