Picked The Best Day Of The Week!

Today has been rainy and in the low 40s all day.  Tomorrow’s nigh looks like upper 30s and overcast all day.  Right now Saturday is still showing some kind of moisture….rain, sleet, snow…all of the above for Saturday.  Next week is definitely looking better all week than this week did.

Two to three generators for two to three hours in the morning the past few days.  Then no generation until late in the afternoon and that has been just for a little while.  Otherwise, no generation most of the day.

John – 12/5/18

Picked the best day of this week for Carolyn to take Beth and John out for half a day.  Beth is just getting started (took up the sport about a year ago) and handles a rod really well.  They had a good day on the water Wednesday catching early in the day on the black copperhead midge.  This worked best during the water drop.  They had run three units for a couple hours, back down to two then off by 9:00 a.m.  Once the water dropped out completely, no midges, but apricot egg pattern took over.  Day certainly turned out nice with temperatures in the upper 40s and the sun shining most of the time.  The fish were pretty happy too!

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