Awesome Day!

What a beautiful Sunday we just had.  Lots of sunshine.  No wind!  And, temperatures in the upper 50s.  Looks like we are going to have a few more of these awesome days in December!  Today, through Wednesday look great.  Sunshine (when this fog lifts), today and tomorrow for sure.  By Wednesday we will probably see some clouds moving in as they are forecasting rain late Wednesday into Thursday.  Temperatures will continue to be in the upper 50s.  By Thursday, it looks like mid 40s and rain.  But, Friday moves into upper 40s, sun peeking in and by Saturday it’s back to mid 50s and sunshine.   Better get out and enjoy this nice weather.  It is December!

Generation for the past four days has basically been a lot one unit.  They might be using two units, but if you listen to the actual flow and level, it works out to the equivalent of one unit.  Today, they are bumping up some generation this morning, but should shut it back to the equivalent of one unit by mid morning which is supposed to be the schedule for the balance of the day.  Probably see more of the same tomorrow.

Fun day on the water yesterday for Carolyn.  She took Henry and his father, Matt out for half a day.  This was Henry’s first time with a fly rod and it will be great to be around to see what a

Henry with Henry, Jr. – 12/16/18

good fisher he is by the time he’s 20.  He did a great job getting his fly into the water, setting the hook and bringing in those fish.  He said he was going to name the first trout he caught Henry, Jr.

Matt – 12/16/18

Low one unit running, so we drifted the banks from just below the fish ladder all the way down past Trophy Run.  Good day for Matt and Henry on the apricot egg pattern.   Dennis, from Kansas spent the morning with Darren.  He

Henry’s best fish of the day – 12/16/18

had a fun day fishing a cool looking emerger pattern which Darren has dubbed “a modified Duracell”.  Sounds like they exchanged a lot of stories in the boat.  They stayed mainly in the area around the fish ladder.

Dennis – 12/16/18



Better get out and enjoy this weather while you can.  Not too many shopping days left until Christmas!!!

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