Fall Just Around The Corner!

Looks like our 80s days are over.  Rain coming in this afternoon with a cold front behind it.  By tomorrow morning, we will hit our high for the day…..upper 60s.  Thursday morning we will see the beginning of some mid to upper 40s for the start of the day.  High Wednesday looks like maybe mid 60s!  Trees are starting to turn, so it is time for Fall to move on in.

Still no generation during the morning hours.  Something coming on around 1:00 p.m. or maybe later.

Carolyn on the water last Tuesday and Wednesday with Don and Cindy.  Cindy is fairly new and is doing great.  Caught several fish and one nice one on either the ruby 2 or black copperhead midges.  Al and Shelly spent more of the day on the water with Jim.  Tough day for them but they did get some fish to the boat on the P&P, hot hare’s ear and the miracle scud.

Friday, Jim took Mark and Jim out for half a day.  They were beginners and wanted to learn and fish some.  They worked on everything including catching a few fish stripping the JQ streamer, size 10.

Gary and Jerry from Ohio, spent Saturday on the water with Jim.  Little better day this day on the P&P and hot hare’s ear.  Didn’t get in a full day, but they had lunch, including broccoli salad!

Carolyn had a full day school for Kristen and Leif.  After classroom and then going through casting, they got a fly and were able to land some fish on the ruby 2 midge before being blown off the water with the generators coming on.

Today, Jim took Bud and Dennis out for half a day.  Tough day!  Three units came on an hour early (they were supposed to only turn on one) and by noon, it was raining.  Carolyn had Stephen and Ward out for half a day.  Agree….it was tough.  A few fish caught stripping the holographic green crackleback and only one on a black midge.  Maybe had a few hits, but one of the toughest days we have had on the water for a while.  We’ll try and blame it on the fronts or backs coming through.  Message from the weather station while on the water was that a tornado watch had been issued for Branson.


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