Still No Generation During Morning Hours

Back into the 90s until early next week.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday show chances for showers with temperatures in the mid 80s.  Looks like 80s through the weekend, but again, chances for showers.

We continue to see no generation during the morning hours.  Generally cranking it up to at least 3 units and sometimes 4 for the afternoon.

Dan – 7/30/18

Gina on the water last Monday with Dan and Roy from Kentucky.  There were here for the Fly Fishing Expo.  Good day for these guys on the copperhead black midge,

Roy – 7/30/18

ruby 2 midge and stripping either the JQ or tiger tail streamers.  This was their first time with streamers and they really like it.

Tuesday, Carolyn took Audrey out to teach her

Audrey’s 1st on fly rod – 7/31/18

how to fly fish.  Her father, Drew, took half day instruction from Carolyn back in 2003.  He’s looking for a fly fishing partner and I think he just might have one.  She picked up casting quickly and soon was hooking fish on an apricot or roe egg pattern.  They would not look at a midge that day.

Mark, from Nixa, spent the morning on the water with Stan Wednesday.  Mark has been out of the fly fishing world for a while, so they worked on casting for a while.  Didn’t take him long to get back into the grove.  Another no midge day, but Mark landed several on the peach egg pattern.

Crystal’s lst – 8/2/18

New woman fly fisher on the river Thursday with Carolyn.  Fun day for Crystal learning how to cast and catching fish on the black copperhead or ruby 2 midges and a few stripping a JQ streamer.

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