What A Fun Weekend!

Had a little rain yesterday.  Probably not enough to make much of a difference.  However, it did cool things down and we are expecting low upper 79s today, low 80s tomorrow and upper 80s Wednesday with sunshine!  Nice!  As we move into later in the week and weekend, it will be low to mid 90s.  Still now bad, especially for this time of the year.

Generation continues to be no or low in the morning and a couple on in the afternoon.  Lots of time to get in some wade fishing.

What a fun weekend.  The Branson and Springfield Chapters of the Missouri Trout Fishermen Association held their second fly fishing Expo this last Friday and Saturday at the Lion’s Club in Branson.  Lots of great fly tiers demonstrating their skills with some really neat and unique patterns.  Good showing of several of vendors were also at this event.  I got to spend most of each day showing potentially new fly fishers how to cast.  Really neat was that several of these were young men and women.  There will be another Expo next year during the month of July.  They announced the dates but I forgot what they were.  Will post as soon as I find out.  Then you better mark your calendars as this was a really good event.

James – 7/23/18

Now let’s get the fishing activity up to date.  Jim, Gina and Carolyn had a three

Jim & Aidan – 7/23/18

generation family of six out last Monday.  They were all brand new and wanted to see how they liked fly fishing.  Everyone at least got one fish to the net and several managed to do more.  Of course, the water was not cooperating, but we

Andrew – 7/23/18

certainly made the best of it.  They all tried both nymph style fishing as well as pulling streamers.  Mainly, we caught on the black copperhead or ruby 2 midges and stripping the JQ or 56er streamers.  We had

Eli – 7/23/18

James (grandfather), Jim and his son, Aidan, and Jason and his sons, Andrew and Eli.  Hope I got that right!

Stan took Jim and his grandson, Max out again on Tuesday.

Jason – 7/23/18

Very slow bite in the morning.  Finally caught some fish on the big ruby then they slide down the back side of Lookout Island.

Wednesday, Carolyn had a great time!  Hope the boys did too!  She took Thomas and his exchange friend from France, Nathan, out for their first experience

Nathan’s first trout – 7/25/18

fly fishing.   After a little instruction on the roll cast, and regular cast, they both were getting their fly into the water.  The challenge was communicating to Nathan what he had to do when the indicator (what’s that in French?) went

Thomas & Nathan – 7/25/18

down.  It was a black copperhead midge day for them.  Neat couple of young men.  Hopefully, they will keep on fly fishing!  Gina had David and Diana out a couple half days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Good two outings on the black zebra and P&P midges first day, and big

David – 7/26/18

ruby, black midge and tiger tail on Thursday.  Jim paired up a couple fishermen, Tom from Grain Valley, and Bob from Michigan on Thursday.  Off and on day for them with

Diana – 7/26/18

the water fluctuating up and down.  They caught on the ruby, gray scud and stripping the tiger tail.

Dawn and John fished again with Stan on Friday.  Good day for them on the P&P, mega worm and JQ streamer.  Pleasant day with the water off until 1:00, and the temperature was great.


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