Some Tough Days On The Water

That time of the year when we have slight chances of rain almost every day.  Some days we get it, some days, especially when we don’t expect it….we get it.  Temperatures pretty much in the upper 80s to low 90s into the next weekend.  The following week now looks like mid to upper 90 and chances for rain continue (20-40% chances)

Water has been up and down since the 4th.  Today is the lowest it has been for at least four days when they had it off for a short time in the morning.  We expect the same generation pattern tomorrow that we had today.

Gina on the water 4th of July with Dale and his wife Lisa rode along.  Worked hard for their fish, but they did catch

Dale - 7/4/16

Dale – 7/4/16

some on the copperhead black midge.   Stan Phil and his son, Chris out for half a day.  Chris is on a mission to catch a fish in all 50 states on a fly rod before he goes to college.  He is now 15 years old and is in the

Chris - 7/4/16

Chris – 7/4/16

double digits on states in which he has succeeded so far.  He was really excited to catch this nice fish on a size 20 soft hackle

Tuesday, Stan was out with John and Jon.  They both caught fish on the P&P midge and worked hard for them.  Jim had Sean and his son Zane on the water.  They also were catching on the P&P as well as a blood worm dropper.

A couple new, young fishers on the water Thursday.  Gina had Stacy and his son Devin out for the morning.  Tough day, but everyone caught some fish.  Devin did a good job of hooking and

Devin - 7/7/16

Devin – 7/7/16

landing a nice rainbow.  They were fishing the SJ worm,

Stacy - 7/7/16

Stacy – 7/7/16

big ruby and the black copperhead midge under a chartreuse egg.  James Albert had Steve and his son, Case, on the water.  This was Case’s first time fly fishing and he got his first fish on a fly rod.  Looks like

Cast & Steve - 7/7/16

Cast & Steve – 7/7/16

another new fly fisher in the works.  Best patterns were the red San Juan worm under the big ruby.

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