Lots Of No Generation Mornings!

We have had some much needed rain over the past several days.  Most of it has been late at night or early in the morning.  Chances of rain are scattered over the next several days, but right now, nothing major.  Temperatures will continue in the upper 80s to low to mid 90s.  Think it will be steamy!

Almost every morning for the past several days we have had no generation.  This has allowed lots of fishers to wade again!  They are scheduled to have the generators off today until 1:00 p.m.  Table Rock Lake is slightly above power pool so we might see a change.  Will be interested in the projection this afternoon.

Last Wednesday (yep!  behind again) Stan had John from Florida on the water for half a day.  John is a salt water fisher so he could throw a nice rod.  Good day for John on the black copperhead midge and a B-bug.  Dana and Carolyn had a group of guys from Indiana on the water all day.  Carolyn took Rudy and Dana had Meredith and Chester.  Rudy had a fun day on the ruby 2, and P&P midges, and a B-bug.  He christened his new Tom Morgan rod on a pretty brown trout.

Rudy - 6/28/16

Rudy – 6/28/16

Thursday, Stan took Rudy and Dana was back out with Meredith and Chester.  Another good day for everyone on the ruby 2 and P&P midges.  Crazy bunch of guys to fish with.

Sean from New York spend most of Friday (until the water came on) on the water with Stan.

Saturday, Carolyn took Tim and his grand daughter Alyssa out for the morning.  What a neat young lady.  Slow start to the morning, but we moved around enough and tried a variety of patterns and finally struck pay dirt.  Great seam with the ruby 2 midge and Tim and Alyssa started hooking up.  Two doubles and they managed to get in one set.

Alyssa and Tim - 6/30/16

Alyssa and Tim – 6/30/16

Neat anniversary present for Nickki from her husband, Justin.  She mentioned that she would like to try fly fishing some time, so he arranged a 1/2 day instructional trip with Carolyn for the two of them.  Was she surprised!  They both went through the normal routine, roll cast, then regular cast, a little line management then off to getting a good drift, hooking and

Justin - 7/1/16

Justin – 7/1/16

Nickki 070116

Nickki – 7/1/16

playing those allusive trout!  Both did well on the P&P midge and I think Nickki likes it!  Stan was out all day with Rusty and Tim from Michigan.  These good fly fishers beat the banks all day on the P&P and had a wonderful day….at least until the water came on.  Things slowed down a lot, but they were still not ready to leave the water when they did!  Gina was out with a couple of fairly new fly fishers,

Andrew and Blake - 7/1/16

Andrew and Blake – 7/1/16

Andrews and Blake.  They had a good day on the black copperthead midge and a black soft hackle.  And, a really fun time for them with the Big Ugly and a midge dropper!


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