WINDY ! ! !

Three days of wind.  30-40 mph gusts, plus 15-20 mph steady winds most of the day.  Fortunately, other than yesterday, the days were fairly warm.  Yesterday it never got out of the 40sa so it was a pretty brisk day.  Today, sunshine and very little wind.  We should see temperatures in the mid 60s.  Tomorrow more sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s.  I am seeing a pretty good chance for rain on Easter Sunday with temperatures only in the mid 50s.  Monday and Tuesday shows more sunshine and Monday in the mid 60s with Tuesday in the low 70s.  Maybe our cold snap is over!?

Still running the equivalent of two units almost every day.  Today, however, we have three units running until noon.  At 1:00 p.m. it will drop to 75 mwh which is a little less than two full units.  Both Beaver and Table Rock are less than a half a foot from being at their power pool levels, but so far, no cigar.  Hopefully, we are getting close to a time when we will see less or no generation for a few hours here and there.

Steve - 3/23/16

Steve – 3/23/16

Great day and a half on the river for Steve and Dick from Oklahoma this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  They were out with Gina and

she kept them busy catching fish.  their first day was an afternoon trip and the white grub and mega worm were working.  They started catching on these the second morning, but when fishing turn a little south later in the day, Gina switched them to stripping the JQ or Tiger Tail or drifting the egg pattern.

Dick - 3/23/16

Dick – 3/23/16

As you can see, nice, quality fish.  If there was anything not perfect about this day, it would have to have been the wind and lots of it!

Stan took Bill from Pennsylvania out yesterday.  Not only did they have WIND, it was also a very brisk day.  Temperatures hovered somewhere in the 40s.  No luck on white yesterday either.  Probably the best pattern was an egg pattern.  Bill had a very good day also.  Ready to come back again next year or sooner if he can figure out a way.

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