Think White

Pretty nice day today with temperatures in the low 60s and sunny skies.  Looks like mid 70s tomorrow, but high winds are in the forecast.  Wednesday there is a 50% chance of rain, and again, high winds.  Winds are carrying through to Thursday when the temperatures will only be in the low 50s.  By Friday, however, looks like sunshine again and mid 60s.  Sunday upper 50s with chances for rain again.  Back into the mid to upper 60s for the first part of next week through Wednesday.

Since the spillway gates shut down last Friday night, we have pretty much see the equivalent of two generators running every day, all day.  A few little blips here and there but that is the general flow.  Less than a foot away from normal power pool, but that fluctuates based on how much they release from Beaver.  All I can say is that we are getting close to a point where we could see no or low generation for wade fishing.

In the meantime, we have been on the water almost every day.  During the spillway gates being open and continuing since they shut them down, anything white has been the ticket.  With all the shad that came through the gates, the fish are stuffed with shad.

Dana was on the water Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Bob from Louisiana.  Bob’s wife joined him on the last day.  First day was a little tough, but it certainly got better on

Bob - 3/18/16

Bob – 3/18/16

Friday.  Saturday, Bob and his wife both had a good day and Bob caught another brown.  Since Dana was out all day Saturday, I’m sure he was grunching even more than Stan about the wind.  Saturday was windy and Byron, from Nebraska, spent half a day on the water with Stan.  Good day for Byron on the white worm.  Good quality (fat with shad) fish.

Lynnette - 3/20/16

Lynette – 3/20/16

Orin 032016

Orin – 3/20/16

Sunday, Stan and Carolyn spent the day on the water with a family and their future daughter-in-law.  Stan took Dennis and Naomi, and Carolyn had son, Orin and his girl friend Lynnette.  Great day for everyone!  This was a late birthday celebration for Orin and I think and hope he’ll remember it.  Everyone boated nice fish and lots of fish.  This was Lynnette’s first time with a fly rod and she did very well.  We think they all probably slept well Sunday night.  Yes, everything was caught on white.  White jigs, worms or wooly buggers.


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