Nice Weather for December!

The past two days were wonderful.  60x yesterday and again today.  However, as we know, all good things must come to an end.  Tomorrow doesn’t look too bad as it will be in the upper 50x and partly sunny.  Tuesday and Wednesday are projected in the mid 40s and by Thursday, upper 30s with chances for moisture.  Saturday might even see a few snow showers in the a.m.  But, back into the 40s by Sunday and into early next week

Generation has been all over the board the past few days.  Last Tuesday and Wednesday,  it was on in the morning, then off late morning so it was dropping out most of the day.  Since Thursday, we have had generation non-stop.  Today is wadeable, but it was a bit high (at least for me) yesterday.

Jim on the water last Tuesday with Derek from Illinois.  Despite the crazy water, they had a very good day on the JQ streamer, black midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.

Derek hit the water with Jim again on Wednesday.  Not as good as Tuesday, but certainly another good day on the black midge and hot hare’s ear nymph.

What was supposed to be the warmer day of the week last Thursday turned out to be cold, overcast and two units running.  Pat from California (weather shock for him)  spend half a day on the water with Stan.  Slow start, but they finally got into some fish and pulled off a good day on the big ruby and copperhead midge.  Also caught several on an egg pattern.






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