Good Days…..Tuff Days!

We are seeing sunshine this morning!  Haven’t seen much of that for several days.  Partly sunny and 40s tomorrow.  50SA Thursday and Friday and maybe low 60s Saturday and Sunday.  No mention of moisture until late Sunday.  Look promising!

The bizarre generation pattern the past couple days has made catching tuff!  But, unfortunately, that’s life in a tailwater.  Today, along with the sunshine, they turned the generators off at 9:00 a.m.

Stan on the water last Saturday with Mac and Bob, from Kansas.  Despite the gray day and 40 degree temperature, it was a good fishing day for these guys on the big ruby with the black zebra midge dropper.  Jim had Kevin and Steve  out for the day.  They had a good day on the JQ streamer, red midge and red or brown San Juan worm droppers.

Sunday was supposed to have been a little nicer day, but that was a toss up.  Doc, from Oklahoma, spent the day on the water with Stan  Tougher day,  but they pulled several fish on the black midge.  Mac and Bob fished with Jim Sunday and they too had a little more challenge.  Best patterns were the JQ streamer, red midge, copper head black midge and red San Juan worm.

Jim out yesterday with dick from up in Springfield.  He wanted to work on techniques and did catch a few fish on nothing on particular.  Four units going when they started and it never really settled anywhere.  Lots of ups and downs all day.

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